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Cripton is the Transcription and Narration division of Cactus Communications.

Cactus Communications was founded in April 2002 as a company providing professional English editing services to clients in East Asia. Today,
Cactus offers related services such as English educational services and English transcription. Our clients include individuals, corporations,
institutions from countries around the world, like Japan, China, Korea, USA and UK.

Our Leadership


Anurag Goel

Co-founder and Chairman

Abhishek Goel

Co-founder and CEO

Basil Dsouza

President, Korea Operations, Korea

Dinesh Modi

Chief Financial Officer, Finance

Don Vaz

Head, Transcription services

Donald Samulack

President, US Operations, Corporates Sales

Makoto Yuasa

Representative Director, Japan -Marketing Academia

Nikesh Gosalia

Director, Academic and Publisher Relations, Corporate Sales
Nishchay Shah

Nishchay Shah

Business Head, Emerging Products and CTO

Shriram Poonja

Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing

Vikas Narang

Chief Operating Officer, Editage

Yashmi Pujara

Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources

Abhishek Goel

Co-founder & CEO


As Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Abhishek brings to CACTUS entrepreneurial vision; a rich, in-depth understanding of customer needs; and strong leadership qualities.

During his travels through Asia as an AIESEC consultant, Abhishek came across a number of people who were not entirely comfortable communicating with the English-speaking world. When he helped a Japanese professor edit a research paper, he realized the desideratum for a professional service that edits English documents for non-native English speakers. This proved to be the genesis of Editage.

Abhishek has spent considerable time traveling to universities and research institutes across Asia to understand customer needs and build relationships. After setting up CACTUS’ first international office in Japan in 2007, he immersed himself into the Japanese business and culture for 3 years, thereby ensuring a base for CACTUS’ largest market. Since 2012, Abhishek has since been involved in global strategy and new initiatives. He currently drives the academia side of the business through his rich understanding of client expectations.

Before establishing CACTUS, Abhishek was actively involved with the Mumbai and Japan chapters of the international non-profit organization AIESEC, where he donned various hats. Abhishek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Mumbai, India.


Abhishek Goel

Co-founder & CEO


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Be the best at what you do and set new standards

For us, good enough is never enough. We constantly push ourselves to achieve what seems impossible.

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Find new ways to make things better: change, improve, and simplify

To innovate is to evolve. Our dynamic environment encourages us to seek new ideas, big and small, and constantly challenge the status quo.

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Have the courage to do what is right, not easy

We believe in being true to ourselves and working in a manner that is forthright and fair.

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Communicate actively and constructively; influence thought and relationships

Everyone has a view and every view is important. We listen, understand, appreciate, and talk. Through open dialogue, we arrive at solutions.

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Be dependable and have faith in others

Trust is what got us here. By being reliable and relying on others, we create a positive environment and strengthen relationships.

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Have fun...seriously!

For us, it's all work and just as much play; it is this balance that drives us to put in our best. We express our individuality but also celebrate, learn, share, and laugh together.