Cripton delivers quality transcripts at a reasonable price. Most of our competitors charge at least $1 per minute of audio/video. We offer a substantial discount. We believe our customers deserve better, which is why we have varying prices to suit every budget. We offer a level-1 transcription service starting at only $1 per minute. Our level-1 transcribers are the best in the industry, chosen on the basis of their consistency in quality. Our Level-2 transcription service starts at $2 per minute and is most popular as it is handled by transcription editors with 10+ years of transcription experience with files being checked twice before delivery.. Depending on your end-use and the complexity of the audios, you can select a suitable service. For example, if you have a clean audio that is not too complex, you can choose our level-1 service.

We have specialists experienced in transcribing Medical, Business, Media, and Academic files.

  • We can virtually transcribe any digital audio/video content:

  • Digital Formats: AIFF/AIF, AMR, AVI, CAF, DSS, DVD, DVF, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4, MSV, QuickTime, WAV, WebEx, WMA, and WMV.

  • URLs: If you have an online video that needs to be transcribed but cannot send us the digital file, we will transcribe it for you anyway. We may take an additional day to process those files, but will complete the task at hand nonetheless.

Yes, you can opt for time stamps up to 5 minutes without any additional fee. For time stamps less than 5 minutes, an extra fee of $0.20 per minute will be charged. Screen reader support enabled.

We offer three formats. Our reader-friendly format transcripts are easy to read, hence we edit out speech errors or filler words like um and uh from the transcript. But if you want the filler words to appear in the transcript, please request "Verbatim" transcription when you place your order. In case you want a more refined transcript with proper word choice, logic flow and unwanted parts removed, you can use our “Summary” format. We can customize it for you as per your need. Check out our demos (click here)

Unlike our competition, we do not charge you any extra fee to identify speakers. We identify speakers by name (if available). For clarity, in case we are unable to identify the speakers we will use generic headers (interviewer, chair, etc). Under our level-2 service, we guarantee speaker identification for up to 3-4 speakers. It’s best if you can share any speaker information, like agenda, or a meeting memo.

You can upload the files directly through our inquiry form. If your files are available online, you can simply give us the links. In case you have files on your own server, send us the links and we will download them from your location. We may ask for an additional day in case, you provide us online links or URLs of videos that require processing.

After your file has been transcribed and finalized, it will be available for download from our online portal. You'll receive an email notification and download instructions when your files are ready.

Delivery time depends on the size & audio quality of the file. Recordings of 1 hour or less with good quality audio will be delivered within 1-2 business days. Larger or more complex projects may take longer to transcribe.

Our transcribers and reviewers are put through a rigorous and challenging transcription test prior to selection. Our reviewers have a minimum of 10 years of experience and are selected after having undergone rigorous training and testing. All our transcribers have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and are selected based only after clearing tests designed to check their skills to transcribe challenging audios.

Under level-1 service, only the best transcribers are assigned the jobs. They transcribe and proofread the transcripts before delivery. Under our level-2 service, we assign the job to a team of transcribers and one reviewer. The reviewer proofreads and edits the transcripts to ensure accuracy and consistency. All jobs are tracked by our Project Manager.

We give a 100% accuracy guarantee, we will rework on your files until you are satisfied with the output. If the audio is particularly challenging, we ensure that the transcribers spend a greater amount of time on it so that the transcript delivered is as precise as it can be.

All our freelancers sign NDAs. Your data is only stored on our secure server. If you want us to delete all data post-delivery, we will delete all data related to the job upon request.

Cripton values your privacy and takes confidentiality very seriously. Please read through the Confidentiality section for details(Click Here)


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