Hello everyone. A warm welcome to all of you watching this video today. We have with us Audrey who’s going to talk to us about Cripton- a sub-division of Editage and the various levels of services they have to offer. Audrey could you begin by giving us a gist of what Cripton does?

Audrey Fernandes

Sure. Cripton, to explain as briefly as possible, is a specialist provider of general and business transcription services with a special focus on delivering high quality services to our clients.



Audrey Fernandes

Yes. Now our team comprises of experienced in-house professional transcriptionists with special expertise in business, podcast, media, IT & engineering transcription. Basically, we now have a collective experience of over 90 years, which is why we are capable of handling such a wide variety of audio and video media in different formats.


Alright.Let’s talk about the services that you have.

Audrey Fernandes

To begin with, Cripton offers three different levels of transcriptionservices. There’s Verbatim Transcription. Now, that is used for an accurate representation of the audio. Here, transcription is done as closely as possible. Secondly, we have the Reader-Friendly Transcription. Over here, we eliminate partial words or stuttering likethe “ahs” and the “ums”, and words that just generally seem repetitive. We also perform basic spelling and punctuation checks to generate transcripts that are reader-friendly. Also, these kinds of transcripts are what we consider as our default transcription service. Lastly, of course there is Summarization in which large portions of the transcribed text are edited using new words as and when it’srequired, making changes in sentence construction, restructuring, rewording itand eliminating certain redundancies that are almost natural in speech.


Oh that’s Brilliant!It was great talking to you and we will definitelycheck out more about Cripton.

Audrey Fernandes

My Pleasure!Sure. We look forward to hearing from you. Bye.


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Cripton is the transcription and narration
division of Cactus Communications.


00:00:04,924 00:00:09,211
Cactus Communications was founded in
April 2002 as a company providing


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professional English editing
services to clients in East Asia.


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Cripton offers related services
such as translation and


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transcription of video and
audio into many languages.


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Upload your files using the inquiry
form and get a prompt quote.


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We will have your files
ready by the promised date,


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and if we don't, then you
get your money back.


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We promise to work
with you until you are


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100% satisfied with the
quality of our output.


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We believe in developing long-lasting
partnerships built on trust and integrity.


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Customer for Life!




Conferences/Symposiums/Workshops, Presentations, seminars, focus groups, call recordings, thesis notes, etc.
Interviews, movies, lectures, songs, podcasts, etc.


HIPAA-compliant hospital transcriptions, discharge summaries, operative reports, radiology reports, etc.

Get your digital audio/video transcribed and translated within 3-5 business day at prices starting from $10 per minute!

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I understood that the proper noun is also accurate and confirms related materials, I felt it was a very polite translation. I feel that we are making letters that are difficult to hear accurately. Also, we were delighted to have delivered earlier than planned. In the future, I would like to use your services

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Aug 12, 2018

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